Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Circle of life...

My lost son...

Mrs M is suffers from depression for quite a long time, and it all dates back 16 years ago when she lost her first child , her new born son . She has two daughters and a caring husband but she is unable to come out of her shell even with medications.She still broods day and night over the son .
Mrs S 's problems are something different .She has severe osteoarthritis of her knees .But not all the agony stems from that alone, Her daily torture begins as both her sons whom she is living with do not even allow her to use their toilets as it will fill up the sump ! So when does the suffering ever end !

Saturday, February 21, 2009


In the eternity of time...

Lay there the vast expanse
waiting to witness forever
The black darkness above,
Even the stars can't cover;

The roaring sea sending waves
Fall back with a whimper
The wind hissing and blowing the dust
Time wrapped in its whisper,

The gibbous moon peeks behind the cloud
looks down at me with a smile
but such contempt ,such mockery
I feel empty and volatile;

I lay there like a shed leaf
Whose life from birth to death
In the eternity of time
Is no longer than half a breath ;

Why then i want to rule
and take the world in my hand?
Never I was and never i will
be more than a miniscule of sand!

( the eternity of time..)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Past , Present & Future...

Today these 3 patients taught me something very fundamental..!


Mr. Momin had always feared crossing the shaky bridge to reach his son's place..He had been gripped with fear every time he even thought of crossing it...and after a few months of medical treatment he overcame that fear..but alas his son had left home after an altercation,...and there had been no news from him for long..Mr Momin just wished the bridge to be back..And suddenly during the interview he got a call from the lost son which he had to cut short ;... he was quite troubled after that and sort of left in a hurry. I just wish he gets another call soon and the bridge builds up again. However far or near we are from those who are dear, what matters are the bridges between our hearts which make us feel that we are being thought of and cared for.

Celebrating life

Biswaroop came for his monthly vincristine dose..he is a remarkable child,..and his parents too who have taken their 4 year old son's acute leukemia so well..They are a bit
worried about his being excessively mischievous, as if trying to have all the joy of being without any fear,enjoying the freedom,..of being let loose as far as the imagination can take..!His parents too enjoy his activities to the fullest..Perhaps they show us one truth..Whatever may come to is only one and very every moment as it comes...and don't waste any of it thinking of what will happen next..!


Tapasi returned with relapse a month after her marriage . She is trying to manage her new life with her arthritis .Her grandma got her married hiding the illness, and she keeps the medicines hidden under the bed.Her stock got over and she could not procure them for a week .She managed to return to her grandma hiding her pain .Now the grandma is worried about the consequences..! The revelation, the rejection and burden !
Who is to blame for this..! Disease , poverty or the human mind that always lives in fear of what is to come...!