Thursday, March 26, 2009


Mr Biswajit Pal , a carpenter by profession had stopped working months ago when he was diagnosed having coronary artery disease. He had suddenly felt uneasy while working few months ago..then a series of tests had assigned him that diagnosis and with that a morbid fear of dying.After months of antidepressants and a bit of pep up talk he returned with a gift , a table to keep my files.He said he has returned to his work,and has got back to all his old customers.Thank God ! after all the purpose of any treatment is put them back from where they deviated.

Monday, March 23, 2009

B U R D E N ...

Sahana is 47 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy, a result of home delivery without any supervision.Her mother has 5 normal children subsequently , but Ajmira remains a baby forever, bedreidden , unable to do anything for herself.Totally dependent on her mother and brothers .They brought her for poor appetite and fever that has been there for quite some time. She had urinary infection, poor lung function due to kyphoscoliosis, recurrent bouts of aspiration pneumonia,anemia..overall in poor health. The brothers were ready to bear any expense to see their elder sister smiling again and responding affectionately to them..Her incapacity has never been a burden to them in spite of their not so well to do status.They wanted her to stay with them and share their love...

Twenty five year old Shahul's life is totally out of control as per his parents. His father left his flourishing diamond business in Mumbai and returned to set his son's life right. He had taken to the "fast " life there, getting into probable drug addiction.They had attempted sending him to a rehabilitation center , without any permanent improvement . He does not listen to them, steals money and keeps popping pills , wanders around, shouts at them. does not show any interest in his father's business. His father was so desperate that he wished his son dies instead of being such a burden !

Thursday, March 19, 2009


True love is like the sky,
Open and uncompelling,
Frees the mind.

True love is like the sea,
Deep and persistent,
With immense beauty.

True love is like the breeze,
Calm and soothing,
Gives eternal peace.

True love is like the earth,
Strong and protecting,
Tolerant of all hurt.

True love is like the fire,
Warm and comforting,
Liberates from desire.

But there's no element like love,
No sense can perceive,
Gives meaning to all above.

The Language Barrier..

Initially i thought i will take a long time getting used to conversing with patients in Bengali..i was worried that i might blurt out in Tamil, after so many years of eliciting history and explaining prognosis in that language.In fact patients too had expressed their concerns that they may have to talk to me in English as i had always stayed "outside".But to my surprise i had no hesitation with the language.There was no single instance of blurting out a Tamil word , no word finding difficulty ever..I could talk to them as fast as i am known to speak!.Every instance , every complaint, every worry , every loss, ,every desire ,every word of hope, trust or faith is just the same .Language never came in between expressing these feelings.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Our lives are like that of ,
the little four winged creatures,
born in a state of complete ignorance,
Slowly we grow like the wriggling forms,
Which know only to feed,
their voracious appetite.

Such are we strangled ,
in the net of desires,
our lives revolving only
around their fulfillment.
Need we be out of this adolescence,
and enter a stage of maturity,
when no longer we linger to fulfill;

The insect builds a cocoon around,
and draws within,
To metamorphose into freedom.
Out of the cocoon emerges a butterfly,
To sip the nectar of truth
in the garden of creation.
finding it as if by chance,
As the realization of truth is mostly sudden,
Needed only a devoted effort,
Till the breath remains...