Thursday, November 15, 2012


Rafik approaced with hot flushes after drinking beer. He never had these reactions before.I checked him up, except for mild  raised heartbeat, he seemed okay. I gave him  medicines  and  asked him to return if it recurred. He did return after about six months, and not alone. In fact his wife came before him for her own complaints.At this point I was not aware of her identity .After I was done with her she informed me that her "alcoholic husband" will follow, and that she had been  secretly  giving  him some herbal  preparations to give up alcohol. So she requested me to stress  upon him the need to give up the bottle altogether. I sort of angrily adviced her that  what she is doing is not the right method. The fellow must be counselled about alcohol intake and  must give it up voluntarily . This kind of secret treatment may  be risky.Then came  Rafik. And I understood the reason behind those "reactions". He was grinning and felt guilty about drinking beer. He said since he had the last drink 6 months before  he didn't touch it, but few days back a friend offered  , and he took.And got those hot flushes  again.He kept saying ," I drink only beer once in a while, but if that too is not suiting  me I think its better to  give that  up". I gave up my thoughts of detailed counselling and informing the wife that once in a while beer is not going to harm him at all.I rather did not want to disturb  the silent truce among them, whichever way they achieved it. If beer has become unbearable to her, let it remain "unbeerable" to him too.  All's well that ends Well !!

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  1. Such unbeerable attitudes of wives are really unbearable. Isn't it the wife who needs counselling in this case? :)