Tuesday, October 29, 2013

love for blood meant hatred for life !

When for the first time 20 year old Shahid had a non stop bleeding from a nose injury while playing football , 22 years ago, he never thought  that his life will fall apart in the real sense. He kept bleeding continuously , being referred from hospital to hospital  .It took really months before hemophilia was finally diagnosed. It was a great shock for him and his family, as they had no idea of it before. He himself a student of genetics was " counselled" in the most negative way . He was advised against marriage and told that he risks dying any moment and should not do injustice to any girl by knowingly  leaving her a widow. On those lines , he purposefully broke her sweet hearts heart so that she is married to someone else ..and chose to remain single as an extended member of his brothers family. He was disturbed and could not pursue the research career of his choice .From his history it was pretty obvious to me that he has only mild hemophilia risking bleeding only from trauma.For the next 22 years in fact he never had a serious bleeding problem But the fear of bleeding was so much in the mind of doctors that he was unnecessarily troubled for simple things. Once when visited a dentist for a simple toothache , he refused to touch him till he got his factor VIII levels done !And it would be days  before he could get it done.In short he was totally fed up with life, depressed and spent the next 22 years simply brooding over the injustice life had done to him, while actually never suffering another bleeding episode again..!


  1. That's really sad. Was it the God who did injustice to him or the Doc?

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