Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Defeating AIDS

Ajmira's husband died of AIDS four and a half years ago leaving a 6 month old daughter and the burden of HIV with her. She was even unaware of his diagnosis.His parents and brothers kept it hidden from her.It was her sister and brother-in law, who suspected it and got her tested for HIV, which turned out to be positive.She now stays with them, leaving her HIV negative baby with her in laws. They had taken all pains to take her to the School of tropical medicine in Kolkata for further evaluation and treatment. She was started on anti retroviral treatment , but the supply of medicines hasn't been regular.In spite of the trouble of taking frequent leaves and attending the over crowded OPD most of the times without any benefit, facing rude hospital staff , they have not abandoned her or got dejected either.They are ready for the course of actions required by the disease.AIDS might be consuming her in some way , but has certainly got defeated by love. .

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