Sunday, April 19, 2009

The principal and the rickshawala

After my MBBS i was back to Tambaram , to start my PG entrance preparations . I had some applications to be submitted after attestation by a gazetted officer.I thought it will be a good idea to be back to my school, and meet the Principal. I was happy to go back and felt it was worth thanking the institution from where I had started ...With a file in my hand I entered the Principal's room after getting her permission and was just shocked at the way she welcomed me! She just saw files in my hand, asked whether i wanted attestation and straight shouted at me for wasting her precious time !!She did not even let me speak . The lady holding pillars of "education" demonstrated qualities which I guess any educated person should be ashamed of.

The PGI entrance was over. I had done very well and was confident in getting the seat of my choice after the year long hard preparation. But due to some misfortune , my friend , with whom i did the final part of the preparation, decided to return to Delhi without waiting for the results .The idea was to return to Chandigarh if successful.A third party was made to call us and inform about the result which was supposed to be published the same evening.Next day at 10 am the person called and informed that I had a good rank and the counseling will be at 1 PM. I started from Delhi all alone by bus and after a series of traffic problems managed to reach Chandigarh at 5 PM. The counseling was over...the seats filled up and I had lost it !..I met the Director but he asked me to come back for DM..!I felt lost.Had really worked hard for a year to get the seat! It was almost 7 PM and quite dark. There was no way I could return to Delhi. I had to spend the night in Chandigarh, all alone. I asked a rickshawala to take me to some hotel..After a bit of searching he took me to one.The place was empty , with only the manager and a waiter.They gave me a room. I asked the rickshawala to come at 7 AM and drop me in the bus stand the next day .I needed to wash off my despair ,and after a bath ordered dinner. I was wondering , here I am in a place where no one knows my whereabouts. If someone kills me , no one will come to know. I felt totally cut off from the world.The rickshawala was my only link . I was tired and slept off..It was a hard day...

There was a knock ..I saw the time .It was 5.45 ..The rickshawala was calling me. I opened the door..He appeared relieved. He said he was very worried about me , and had not slept the whole night.He just could not wait any longer to see that I was okay..

..And I believed in angels.Here he was an illiterate fellow, a total stranger who still cared.I did not mind losing the seat..I had gained something more valuable,a memorable experience .

I wonder,..what is the purpose of education ? To let you develop so much self importance that you do not treat another person as human ! Or the lack of such "education" preserves the basic qualities which make you human.

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  1. Painfully beautiful moment...
    Nevertheless its soo true.. for most of us forget basic qualities and courtesy as we get bigger and bigger with regard to posts,education etc. Simple humanitarian feelin is just lost on the way.
    especially with few doctors, after years of treatin and interacting with patients-patients are no longer human beings but mere cases-with no feelings/emotions etc.
    I really wish a little more emphasis on humanity is taught along with any field of education-may it be business,medicine etc..
    The blog was truely beautiful maam..