Thursday, April 23, 2009

You will be okay

Riju had fallen down from roof at the age of four and had suffered serious head injury. After two months of hospitalisation in a comatose state he had recovered but with significant neurological damage. As a sequelae he carries a right sided hemiparesis and subnormal intelligence.His parents have tried to follow whatever advice was given for improving the spastic right upper limb.They have sold whatever property they had ..and wherever they went he was asked to continue physiotherapy with the words.."he will be okay"...Today Riju is fifteen and signs of manhood showing up ..but still behaving like a child not making any progress in school .He being their only child they are worried too about his future..They want his right hand to straighten up and think that will end their worries a bit.It has been years since the accident and what he has now is a spastic limb with contractures.His parents had to be convinced that the chances of improving this limb is meager; and what he has to do is to train his son to do some job and concentrate on that.He has to learn to do something to earn a living. The spastic limb and a subnormal intelligence will be there always and he has to live with it. In the pursuit of straightening the limb they should not waste more time and resources.Being in this rural area its hard to find a nearby rehabilitation center; so it's upto his father to take the responsibility of training. His father said Riju had shown interest in holding a brush and tried painting already and felt he can teach him to do that. He thanked saying he felt lighter as that was all he wanted to know ; he did not want to feel guilty for not doing enough for his son,and left with hope in his eyes ,and determination in his heart with the feeling that now his son will be okay.

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  1. Hi Seema,

    Hope you will not have forgotten us folks from the 88 batch in TMC. Manimaran discovered your blog and posted the link on our own batch's blog @ www.

    Your writings here,including your poem, are touching and thought provoking. I couldn't find a link to send you a personal message or email, hence this comment. Did you know we had our batch's re-union last year in TMC? Do give us a link to get in touch with you by email.

    Best wishes